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Spectrum Study Finds Appraisal Season Impacts Job Market Trends

Post appraisal months, there is a rise of 25% in employees seeking better job opportunities

Appraisal Season vs Job Market: Spectrum Report

Spectrum Talent Management has identified a rise in employees actively seeking out better opportunities as appraisal season wraps up. An increase in job applications has always been a trend during appraisal months. Most employees look for better opportunities on the back of the increased compensation due to appraisal.

The top sectors that witnessed high sentiment amongst employees for job change are IT and BFSI. The trend is also prevalent for senior professionals with 10%-15% reporting an intention for a job switch whereas 5%-15% are for fresher/young professionals but the scenario varies from industry to industry. However, the segment of professionals with 2 – 5 years of experience sees the maximum traction regarding job change post-appraisal season.

When it comes to male to female ratio for a job change, it is 1:3 in favor of men, in line with the existing gender gap in employment. Currently, the exact rate of increase in a job application is difficult to estimate before March but it should range between 15% – 20%. Similarly, the job posting is expected to show a 30%-40% increase by the same timeline.

Commenting on this job trend, Mr. Atanu Banerjee, CEO – Staffing of STM Consulting said, “Historically, appraisals and job switch have always gone hand in hand. One of the key factors being the remuneration change in either aspects. The fact that the industry is recovering from the post Covid impact and passing through an effective western slowdown and international tensions, has shown tangible effect on the tech industry resulting in evident layoffs. Sectors like BFSI and Retail have witnessed the alternate side as the demand has surged across levels ,hence escalating the visible trend of job changes in appraisal season. While the industry hovers at an 8% to 14% median YOY appraisal range, the salary hikes in job changes have been ranging at a median of 35% to 65%. This has been one of the primary reasons that every organization is focussing on employee retention and engagement as a key index. It’s high time that the top management pays due attention to their top performers during appraisal conversations as majority of the employees do not put down their papers right after the appraisal rather there is always a buffer time of one to six weeks to make up their minds”.

Source: bwpeople