Want The Old Job Back

Want The Old Job Back? Here Is How You Should Approach Your Ex-employer

Moneycontrol interacted with a cross-section of industry leaders to highlight the dos and don’ts while approaching your previous boss. Staffing firm FirstMeridian has seen close to 15-20% of employees returning to old employers between February-August 2022

With mass layoffs taking centre stage across startups and MNCs, multiple industry leaders said ex-employers can be the best friends of people after a layoff.

Staffing firm FirstMeridian, which serves more than 1,200 clients, has seen close to 15-20 percent of employees returning to old employers between February-August 2022. Earlier, the figure was only about 3-5 percent.

“The primary reason for this is a preference for a structured work environment and better work-life balance,” a FirstMeridian spokesperson told Moneycontrol.

However, approaching your ex-employer is easier said than done — a bittersweet moment. It becomes harder, had you left on a negative note. Moneycontrol interacted with a cross-section of industry leaders to highlight the dos and don’ts while approaching your previous boss.

Be honest
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to approach your ex-employer will vary, depending on the situation, experts say. However, some general tips can help you make the most of the situation.

According to Ravinder Goyal, Co-Founder of HR tech firm Erekrut, it is important to be honest with your ex-employer about why you left in the first place.

If you were dissatisfied with the job, explain the specific aspects you were unhappy with.

“This will give your ex-employer a chance to address these concerns and potentially offer you a more satisfying role,” he said. Secondly, Goyal suggested candidates to be prepared to explain what they have been doing since leaving their previous job.

“If you have been unemployed, be honest about your job-search efforts and explain what you have been doing to stay productive,” he said.

He believes employers are often more willing to rehire candidates who have been actively seeking work and staying engaged in their field.

Give solid reasons

Industry leaders say sending professional emails and scheduling in-person meetings reflect your etiquette and professionalism to the employers, which, in turn, creates a very positive impact.

“Email or call to request an in-person meeting with the employer and tell them why they should rehire you,” recommended Anil Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder of IaaS (Interview as a service) firm InCruiter.

Give ex-employers solid reasons why you would like to rejoin the company to ensure a hassle-free hiring outcome, he added.

Experts also warn candidates to not take the ex-employer lightly, assuming they are “familiar”.

While speaking to them, Agarwal says candidates need to be professional throughout the conversation and stay optimistic about how their hiring can significantly contribute to their company.

Don’t forget it is all about skills

When a candidate wishes to rejoin an ex-employer, he/she can take a professional approach by contacting them via LinkedIn or email with their updated CV, said Navneet Singh, CEO of HR firm Avsar.

Most importantly, he said candidates must mention how their upgraded skill sets align with the job opening. As Indrajeet Sengupta, ED and CHRO at HCCB, once pointed out, “Returning alumni bring with them a degree of familiarity, and also valuable experience and skills gained in other firms and industries.”

Singh of Avsar believes the suggested steps would benefit the candidate in a variety of ways, such as the fact that they would help the candidate to build relationships with the former employer.

If the candidate would be able to showcase their skills and expertise and there is no available position with the company, Singh said the former employer can even refer to the candidate according to their skillsets.

“Moreover, the candidate would have a better understanding and clarity,” he added.

Make your ex-colleagues your biggest strength

Ex-employees can return to previous firms after consultations with close team members who are still present at the workplace, says Agarwal of InCruiter. “If you get positive vibes from them, you can move further with the professional application process of rehiring.”

Further, it is advised to candidates to maintain a connection with ex-colleagues as the chances of being rehired may increase.

“Being connected with your employees, employers and the company on social media may help reassure them that the employee wants to remain on good terms with the company and wants to maintain a professional relationship,” said Vidur Gupta, Director at staffing firm Spectrum Talent Management.

Be open to communicating with people who are happy or curious about having you back in the company, as it can make the entire rehiring process more seamless, Agarwal added.

Author: Abhishek Sahu covers HR and Careers at Moneycontrol.