Free Eye Test Camp

Free Eye Test Camp Organized in Collaboration with Titan EYE+

Spectrum Talent Management, a leading provider of staffing and talent management solutions, conducted a highly successful Free Eye Test Camp for all employees on April 25th, 2024. In collaboration with Titan EYE+, this initiative aimed to promote eye health and well-being among the company’s workforce.

The event, held at the Noida office, provided employees with the opportunity to undergo comprehensive eye examinations conducted by certified optometrists from Titan EYE+. The examinations included vision tests, screening for common eye conditions, and personalized recommendations for maintaining optimal eye health.

Free Eye Test Camp 2024

Speaking about the initiative, Nimisha Gupta, GM – Human Resources of Spectrum Talent Management, expressed her enthusiasm for prioritizing employee well-being and promoting a culture of health within the organization. She emphasized the importance of regular eye check-ups in preventing vision problems and enhancing overall quality of life.

The collaboration with Titan EYE+, a renowned name in the optical industry known for its commitment to excellence in eye care, further strengthened the impact of the event. By bringing together expertise and resources, Spectrum Talent Management and Titan EYE+ demonstrated their dedication to supporting employee health and wellness initiatives.

The Eye Test Camp received positive feedback from employees, who appreciated the opportunity to prioritize their eye health in a convenient and accessible manner. Spectrum Talent Management looks forward to organizing more such initiatives in the future to continue promoting employee well-being and fostering a healthy work environment.