Vidya Panicker

Vidya Panicker

Regional Head - Staffing

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Personal Experience

With over 19 years of professional experience, including 16+ years in the staffing industry with leading organizations in India, Vidya is a seasoned business leader with a talent for conceptualizing and implementing strategic initiatives. She excels in driving revenue and profit growth while specializing in people management, strategic alliances, and customer relationship management.

Vidya’s extensive expertise spans various areas, including HR operations, shared services, payroll operations, talent acquisition, talent management, client servicing, account management, customer acquisition, process automation, business process improvement, compliance, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, control transition, new client migration, and business development.

As a quick and agile learner, Vidya effortlessly adapts to changes in professional and social environments. She strongly believes in the power of teamwork and trust, positioning herself as a valuable team player and leader. Known for her creativity, presentation skills, commitment to results, and clear and transparent communication, Vidya consistently delivers exceptional outcomes in her professional endeavors.