Renu Bajaj

Renu Bajaj

Business Manager - IT

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Personal Experience

Renu Bajaj is a seasoned Recruitment and Operations professional with over 15 years of diverse experience spanning various industries. With a strong focus on client handling, team management, and business development, Renu has consistently demonstrated her ability to strengthen and leverage senior-level relationships to drive business growth and manage P&L effectively.

Throughout her career, Renu has successfully launched and managed operations for both startups and large multinational corporations. Her expertise lies in identifying revenue-generating opportunities and developing strategic plans for expansion in hiring for clients and internal stakeholders. She has a proven track record of reducing Time to Fill (TTF) and Cost per Hire (CPH) metrics, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Renu excels in fitment analysis, bench planning, and resource deployment, with a keen focus on minimizing revenue leakage and supporting business growth. She has a knack for understanding client requirements and ensuring service delivery that exceeds expectations. Additionally, Renu is adept at setting quality standards, implementing systems and procedures, and maintaining adherence to SLAs to ensure a high-quality business unit experience.

With excellent communication skills, Renu has the ability to effectively engage with hiring managers, BU heads, and stakeholders across the business, fostering strong relationships and driving successful outcomes.