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Offer Shopping’ Sees Sharp Rise In IT Sector As Demand For Talent Grows

Growing demand for talent in the information technology (IT) sector has led to a sharp rise in ‘offer

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Demand For Healthcare IT Professionals At An All-time High: Report

The demand for healthcare professionals has been on a rise since the Covid-19 pandemic with an increased demand

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15% Rise In Women Job Seekers Since 2021: Spectrum Talent Management’s Report

Spectrum Talent Management, has identified some rising key trends in women’s employment in the country. Since late 2021,

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15% Rise Recorded In Job Applications During Appraisal Months: Report

IT sector registers the highest number of job changes during the appraisal periodThe number of employees applying for

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Male To Female Job Change Ratio Is 6:2 This Appraisal Season: Report

The study shows that there has been almost 30%-40% growth in job postings on a year-on-year basis. As

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Why companies are getting creative with appraisals

The shortage of talented, motivated employees is forcing companies, both big and small, to rethink their appraisal and

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Rise In Unicorn Startups Is Fuelling Hiring Demand In Tech Sector

The 2021 edition of NASSCOM report titled, NASSCOM Tech Start-up Report 2021 – Year of the Titans" called

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Aiming To Create An Inclusive Workplace? Here Is What You Can Do.

An inclusive workplace is a working environment that promotes acceptance of diverse individuals with different values to make

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Role Of AI Application In Reducing Recruiting Timelines- Pros And Cons

In today’s technology-driven era, the role of Artificial Intelligence in the industrial, as well as the business sector,

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