Encourage Employee Loyalty

Steps To Encourage Employee Loyalty For Organizational Growth

With each passing year, companies are challenged with keeping their employees engaged and motivated to their work and the company and its objectives. Ask the HR managers, they will agree 100% that #TheStruggleIsReal.

Most companies are now aiming to keep the spark alive within their employees and there has been a gradual shift from serious work to work combined with fun. The workforce today isn’t just satisfied with the paycheck alone but also with the quality of life, the relationships they forge at work and the sense of fulfillment they feel at the end of the day.

The process of developing employee loyalty starts from the very day that you recruit them. Give them that sense of purpose which lasts way beyond that daily Instagram story which looks down on the office.

Some of the steps that boost employee loyalty for organizational growth are as follows.


Keep your employees interested in the nature of their work at your organization. Instead of just stating the goal, break it down into smaller steps which are easier to complete. Make them feel connected to their work and have an open channel of communication with them.

Employees should feel free to approach you even if it is to ask for a selfie with you. Generate enough interest, which makes them look forward to the next day at work.


If an employee has successfully completed all the tasks for the day, compliment him and if he has successfully completed all the tasks for the week, take him out for a treat even if it’s just a cup of tea. Make sure that the employee feels needed in the organization. This will help them create a unique identity for themselves in the office.

Celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries or a hit with a client with a small party or a bonus. It’s important to treat each employee as a member of the family.


For an employee, there’s nothing more boring in the world to do than to sit at the desk and stare at the computer screen all day. Weekly once, you can try switching their responsibilities for an hour with another department they can relate with. It will help develop interpersonal relationships and make the employees accustomed to all fields in the company.

If it cannot be done as a group, pick an individual and ask them their choice of job and give him a day in that specific department.


Workshops, training, etc are few events that bore employees just by their mention. Either your employee will actually be interested in the workshop or will be there only for the food and the perks. Mostly’s it’s the latter. So, instead of keeping it all professional, you can have workshops which can be fun for your employees.

Try crafts, outdoor activities, stress-relieving activities and games that will refresh the mood of your employee. The next time they come back to work, they’ll be more focused and engaged with the company.


Do not let the employees feel that they have no say in the company. Keep the channel open. Let them come up with ideas and information. Let them have a say in the company’s decision-making.

You never know where there might be a hidden gem which might be exactly what you need for the company. Receiving feedback from employees is needed to create a happy work environment.


Of course, nobody in their right frame of mind will say no to a free meal. Many companies provide meals, discount coupons, etc to their employees which definitely help them. But more than that, benefits in healthcare or insurance-related matters act as a sign that you do care. Giving paid maternity/paternity leaves is another way to win the confidence of your employees.

These may cost a bomb at the beginning of the company but is one of the best moves in the long run. Winning your employee’s confidence and trust is one of the best ways to create more employee engagement with the organization.


Do not restrict your employees from not interact with each other. They are not in school or in a library anymore. It is said that people who have friends in the same workplace tend to stay for a longer time. Though there is always a fear of a grapevine being created in the office, there are more chances of people finding support.

Every employee has his own reasons to not like coming to the office but having friends will make the place more tolerable for them. But do make sure you have certain guidelines for the friendships made within the office.

These are some of the ways you can use to generate employee loyalty for organizational growth. All these practices need not be put to force all at once, but slowly and steadily. Eventually, you’ll notice a difference in the pattern of your employees’ work, the overall environment at the office and mostly, a significant improvement in the company’s performance. In between all this, do not lose track of the objectives of the company.

Wait patiently and you will soon find HR managers shifting from #TheStruggleIsReal to #TheStruggleIsNoMore.