Refer a Friend

If you are not currently looking for a new position, but know someone who is, why not get involved in the STMPL Referral Scheme?

Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?

No, we are happy for you to keep on recommending as many applicants as you can! One fee applies per referral. All referrals must be submitted through the online referral form on our website in order to be eligible for the fee.

What is the process for referring a friend?

Complete the referral form (below) as soon as you can to log the details of your referral to us. If the referral leads to a placement you will be advised by one of our team.

Any other important information to note?

We only pay referrals that lead directly to employment. For example, if someone you referred 12 months ago applies to one of our recent job adverts and then gains employment we would NOT pay a referral. In this case the advert led to the employment and not the referral.

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