Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

(Managed Recruitment Services)

Spectrum Talent Management offers the most exhaustive group of recruitment process outsourcing services. We help you refine your talent acquisition process by aligning our services through your corporate objectives. We do this by providing you with a customised blend of people, technology, and process. This ultimately leads to the hiring of the right people for your business, thereby enhancing your business’ growth. The groundwork of service delivery is service excellence, and our client teams have proven experience in delivering recruitment training, recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment technology, and background screening.

Spectrum establishes itself in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing support and puts up the following solutions to meet your needs:

  • Recruiting and sourcing specialists who will adopt basic and advanced sourcing capabilities, including the use of ATS and resume database mining, major and niche job boards, direct recruiting, cold calling, industry outreach and more to supply the client with a pool of candidates
  • Devoted account team, comprising an Account Manager and Client Relationship Manager who will consistently assist the client Hiring Managers during the entire course of the RPO relationship
  • STM follows a coherent recruitment and hiring process, spanning from job profiling to new-hires onboarding.  During this, we use an RPO-enabling system of record to track and report the hiring process in a streamlined manner
  • Flexible resources that will provide sourcing expertise and transactional support, including resume review, phone interviewing, interview scheduling, hiring event logistics, pre-employment screening, offer processing, etc. to make sure that the hiring process is backed efficiently

A professional provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services, STM shall take up the delivery and accountability of the complete recruitment function for its clients, right from requisition to onboarding. Being an RPO provider for our clients, we work as their company’s internal recruitment function and bear the responsibility of outcomes. Some of our features within this framework are:

  • Devoted specialist recruitment team without the headcount cost on balance sheet
  • Single point of accountability for recruitment
  • Effective, flexible, and scalable solutions adjusted to meet the changes in demand
  • Reducing HR and Hiring manager time spent on recruitment to focus on more strategic or consultative activities
  • Leveraging supply chain benefits and best practices across our RPO client base allowing continuous improvement
  • Improving quality, customer and candidate satisfaction
  • Innovation and continuous improvements
  • Transparency and control through recruitment analytics and matrix.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Apart from all these, we conduct qualification checks with tertiary institutions, credit and criminal record checks. We perform this process keeping the Labour Legislation compliance in mind. Reference checking is an indispensable part of our process. We believe that a candidate’s previous behaviour is likely to be repeated. For the same, we perform extensive reference checks to approve our interview findings. We take up this entire process meticulously, which reduces the possibility of any unexpected behaviour once a candidate commences his duties. Hence, the risk inherent in every new hire substantially decreases.

The benefits of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services can be understood as follows:

  • Potential to Assess the Activity – Provides a chance to manage by the numbers (like time to hire, screenings, candidate flow, interviews, etc.)
  • Cost Reduction and on Demand ServiceRPO can oblige your requirements on your timetable and minimize your recruiting costs and business troubles
  • Advanced and Relevant ReportingCapability to efficiently manage the recruiting efforts instantaneously by using valuable information
  • Upgrade the Best TechnologyEliminate the need to update existing systems or make a sizeable investment in obtaining a new one
  • Enterprise-Wide CoordinationRemove any confusion and add smoothness in your hiring process by keeping candidates, executives, and hiring managers well informed
  • Uniform and Centralised ProcessProvides a steady approach to recruiting that pertains to all team members, at different levels and in one location
  • Predictable and Reliable ResultsTake the guesswork out of recruiting functions and acquire more control over planning, forecasting, and budgeting
  • ComplianceMeet industry and governance regulations
  • Dedicated and Knowledgeable ProfessionalsReduce any unnecessary stress and extra work for your employees and managers by obtaining the best candidates through our experts

Broaden the Talent Search – By widening your accessibility, you can grab a large pool of candidates across different areas (regional, national, and international)