Blockchain The New Game Changer

Is Blockchain The New Game Changer In The Recruitment Industry?

Blockchain technology is an amazing innovation. Every day various bitcoin transactions based on blockchain technology have made all over the world. Experts are needed to handle such important online transactions. For this, blockchain technology will be the game-changer in the recruitment industry.

The most important concern for these transactions is accountability and security. To update such a growing demand for secure transactions, blockchain companies are growing and developing recruitments.

To understand the concept of blockchain technology and recruitments connections, we would like to describe some of the research and our own findings on the blockchain market.

You can get an idea from this article about how blockchain technology is a game-changer in the recruitment industry!

For recruiters, looking through all the long resumes is a time-consuming task. It involves proper checking and verification of education, work experience, and skills. Now, in the blockchain, the information can not be edited and only the applicant can add information. So, once a candidate creates a resume with blockchain, a recruiter can approve it in a secure way. Through this process, the chances of fake information lead to none.

Most people have heard about the blockchain but none have really used it. The number of people all over the world getting into technology is getting bigger. So, if the companies worldwide are growing, new talent will be needed and will always be in demand.

The technology can be applied to any industry, but it is very popular in the financial institutions, especially for forms of cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is heavily rooted in finance and also disrupting many other companies. Such as:

Most of the gamers utilize the blockchain to purchase items in a game.

By 2025, a big number of commercial healthcare services will utilize blockchain.

Moreover, charities and nonprofits are now accepting blockchain currencies.

By the use of blockchain in the seed and angel investors, the market has matured rapidly. Looking at the past few years, funds have started decreasing their focus from trending more money to fewer companies. This means these companies are growing and recruiting new staff.

By 2024, the blockchain market is predicted to reach the new top phase.

As technology is growing it will get the attention of skilful professionals from any background. There will be a huge demand searching roles regarding blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In the near future, it will change and will be a game-changer as blockchain companies are getting mature and gaining transactions in many industries.

The demand for blockchain


From the above, you may get an idea of where the blockchain market is going.

Now, let’s take a look at the most demanded roles in the blockchain industry for recruiting candidates. Open positions for software engineering, marketing operations, and finance are in major demand. All of these have a particular skill which is popular within its roles.

Software engineering:

To handle this incredible and complicated technology, many companies are willing to hire talented experts to deal with new subjects. From the past overview, software engineering demands about 44% of all open positions in the blockchain. Different kinds of software engineers have their own knowledge and specialization. The most demanded coding languages and skillsets are Front End. Apart from this, Javascript, Java, and Geelong are also in demand.


After software engineering, open marketing roles are majorly in demand for blockchain positions. Because it is still a new industry, most people don’t entirely understand what it is and how it works. It is important to build a great marketing team that can transfer messages to investors, customers and users.

Information technology:

This is the third most area where blockchain is in demand for role positions. The most needed skill in management and information technology.


The main role of the invention of the blockchain is in finance. That means the role of financial experts is able to help the marketing and management team. There are many who are not from a financial background in blockchain, yet communicate with the right language and have a more technical understanding.

Apart from this, recruitment is a complex practice. There are innumerable stages and measures that each candidate and employer must take before the hiring process. To begin this process, recruiters, as well as candidates, have to provide personal information necessary for the recruitment process. Recruiters ensure that this information must be accurate otherwise it could result in delays or several issues that could prevent any candidate from filling a role.

The solution to such problems is that blockchain technology can create a chain of personal records when applying for a job. From this, recruiters can easily get a public blockchain of formal experiences and other basic information needed for the process.

This procedure will be a time saver and will eliminate the concern associated with the manual processes.

Many companies have already moved with the recruitment industries for better experiences. It will indeed be an efficient and pleasant experience for job seekers as well as recruiters.

Bypassing years, blockchain technology will undoubtedly change the game in the recruitment industry.