Candidate Screening Methods

Innovative Candidate Screening Methods To Hire Top Talent

With Zen Z entering into the workforce and the advancements made in AI and automation, attracting and retaining top talent has become very tough. Due to these prevalent changes, recruiters are facing a host of hurdles in finding and hiring the right people.

Recruiting the right talent is beneficial for firms in numerous ways. Good hires generate revenue and growth, contribute to a healthy company culture, and even attract more such talents.

With the talent market featuring high competition, companies are trying to leverage the advancements in technological and behavioral science to screen the best candidates.

Here are five such innovative ways you too can use to recruit top talent:

  1. Video interviewing: This method has been used for some time, but has recently gained immense prominence due to a rise in virtual workplaces. The advancement in teleconferencing technologies has also made this process much more efficient than before. Pre-screens and interviews provide opportunities to broaden the geographic search area, thereby widening the candidate pool size.

The best part about this process is that many such platforms offer assessment tools that help to gather valuable insight into the candidates. With data on verbal response rates and body language, these platforms help recruiters objectively analyze the video interview results.

  1. Virtual Reality: Just like video interviewing, Virtual Reality is also gaining prominence day by day. With firms investing big bucks to streamline their recruitment process, this technology has become the hot pick for many.

VR is used to give remote applicants virtual tours of their company, its amenities, as well as simulations of the company culture and work environment. Such interviews give an idea about the candidates that would fit with the work culture as well as their ability to work with advanced innovative tools.

  1. Texting: With Gen Z gradually joining the workforce, companies have started offering recruitment solutions that match their pace. One such method involves using new communication channels that show great use by the younger generation.

With youngsters spending half of their time on messenger platforms, text messages have shown a better reading and responding rate than emails. Companies looking for fast and efficient communications with the younger workforce are seeking this option more often.

Texting has emerged as an advanced form of recruiting strategy used for scheduling interviews, checking in with candidates, as well as engaging them during the recruitment procedure.

  1. Structured Interviews: This is a prevalently used technique, wherein every candidate receives the same questions, in the same sequence, and are also graded with the same scorecard. This recruitment tactic is very effective and gives the confidence that recruiters have made the objective choice and assessed all candidates equally in the screening phase.
  2. Group Interviews: This is a great way to find out how candidates can connect with each other and perform during a teamwork. This technique offers many benefits.

Not only it helps the candidates to feel comfortable with each other, but it also helps the recruiters save time on individual face to face interviews.

In addition to all these methods, there is one thing which recruiters need to keep in mind.

It is not about which technique is the best or should be adopted. There is no perfect technique for any recruitment procedure. Instead, every recruiter should blend a mix of discussions, challenges, and tests to find the candidate that fits best with the organization.