Spot A Great Boss In An Interview

How To Spot A Great Boss In An Interview

It is a very common saying that “Employees leave managers, not companies.” A boss can make your working life comfortable or toxic. To have a healthy working relationship with your boss is essential for your professional success.

Finding a manager who will respect your work and help you achieve your goals by providing constructive feedback is not an easy task. Your boss’s inputs act as an essential contributing factor at the time of annual review and promotions. It is your reporting manager who makes or breaks your professional life. It is, thus, important to figure out at the time of the interview itself if your prospective boss is the leader you are ready to follow.

The following are some tips to help you spot a good manager during the interview.

Authenticity in Communication: Try to judge the hiring manager through his or her body language and approachability. A self-centric manager will not be transparent in his communication.

The chief qualities: The fundamental qualities of a good boss are integrity, kindness and competency. Look for the natural exposition of these traits during the conversation as they are critical attributes of a healthy work environment.

Ask questions related to your Personal Development: During the interview, you must ask questions related to your personal development. If the person plays with words rather than providing you with concrete answers, you need to understand that getting opportunities for personal growth would be least likely in that position.

Observe his listening capabilities: Observe if your hiring manager is a good listener. Identify if he is paying attention to your words during the interview process. If Yes, then it is a great sign because good bosses are always open to new ideas, no matter where they come from.

Discover your employer’s vision: A great boss will always convey the vision of their company during the interview process. They will inspire you through their contribution to organisational success.

Flexibility and open-mind: If you had some real problem-solving questions during the interview, and your ideas and opinion are being valued, it reflects the flexibility and open-minded approach of the hiring manager.

Empathetic Attitude: A caring boss will always ask genuine questions to understand how you are as an individual. He will go deep asking questions related to your long term career planning.

Look out for emotional intelligence: The primary way to know someone is by paying attention to the kind of questions they ask and how they answer your questions. Jumping to conclusions is not a good sign. An emotionally intelligent leader would always be open to understand people’s emotions and step into their shoes.

Mental strength and security: Critically observe the interviewer, know as to how secure and strong he is mentally. A calm approach hints at the mental strength of the interviewer as opposed to any signs of superiority complex.

Language Style: A great leader or boss reflects empowerment, commitment and ownership in their tone and their usage of words.

Observe the management skills: Ask questions about the ways of management on the part of the manager. Getting insights into the manager’s behaviour towards its employees in situations of crisis gives you a glimpse of his character.

Try to understand their value alignment: Questions like their future goals or company’s vision can help you to assess your future leader and his value system.


For your career growth, it is crucial to have a leader you value, respect and can follow. A good manager is someone who assists you develop good skills and contribute to your professional success.

A good boss creates a conducive workplace. A peaceful and enjoyable work environment brings out the best in you. You can easily figure out what kind of manager someone is simply by paying a bit more attention during the interview process.

It is essential to know beforehand if your new boss is the guide and the leader you are striving for. Utilise the above-mentioned tips and make an informed decision.