Social Media To Boost Recruitment

How To Make The Most Of Social Media To Boost Recruitment?

In the year 1921, Frigyes Karinthy introduced the theory of six degrees of separation. He explained how the chains of acquaintances can connect you with anyone on the planet using six or fewer connections.

Fortunately enough, social media has shrunk the gap even further and your prospective contact is only a click away.

As a matter of fact, people are scrolling their news feed almost all the time, so why not use it as an opportunity to seize your potential employees?

Here’s some insight on how to make the most of social media to boost recruitment:

  1. Build an image

In order to kick start your recruitment journey through social media, it’s essential to build an image. Posts that speak about the company’s ideologies and practices are sure to create an impact on potential employees. Individuals with a shared set of passion and ideals will eventually merge into the hiring pool aspiring for jobs in the firm.

Adding to that, it is also important to understand that social media is not the place to build a sales pitch but to focus on the big picture of networking people.

  1. Start a conversation

Unlike the recruitment portals that cater only to active job seekers, social media addresses both active and passive job seekers. These platforms are the best place for individuals keen to build communities and companies looking for their culture fit.

Hence, recruiters need to start and maintain running conversations with their audiences.

  1. Work on the content

The biggest advantage of social media is that you can speak on a myriad of topics. Along with posting open job opportunities, companies can engage their followers on multiple subjects – be it world news, discussions trending in the industry, their policies or even employee recognition.

The more active and responsive you are, the better.

  1. Involve employees

It is well known that employees are the biggest ambassadors of a company and getting them involved in social interactions not only creates validation but also enhances the outreach.

Companies should encourage their existing employees to post genuine feedback on social media platforms.

  1. Understand the platform

Social media is a universe in itself and every planet in it has its uniqueness. Companies cannot follow the same tone or medium while posting on different platforms. While a video message from the leader will work well on Facebook, a motivational quote is best placed on Instagram. An article on the company’s performance trends can then follow on LinkedIn.

Unlike the traditional job hunt portals, deploying social media for recruiting will not only address the immediate hiring requirements but will build a talent cloud to use in times to come.

All it takes is an investment of time.