Festive season to spur 50% hiring surge: Spectrum Talent
  • 20 October 2022

Festive Season To Spur 50% Hiring Surge: Spectrum Talent

According to the Spectrum report, healthcare leads the demand by 32% followed by Technology at 29% and Edtech and BFSI at 18% and 21% respectively.

A study by Global local talent management solution provider Spectrum Talent Management showed nearly 20% of women are being hired for temporary job roles and trends indicate that the festive season is likely to spur 50% hiring surge.

The report further states that Healthcare, Technology, Edtech, and BFSI are the leading sectors hiring women for contractual job roles. With 32% demand, healthcare leads the pack while technology sector demand was 29%.

On the other hand, Edtech and BFSI witnessed 18% and 21% demands respectively.

Regarding the pay difference between temporary staffing and permanent hiring, there is about a 30% difference in favour of contract workforce to compensate for job stability factor prevalent in full-time roles. 

Commenting on the findings, Sidharth Agarwal, director, Spectrum Talent Management, said, “Women in India quit the corporate world in significant numbers for various reasons, including child rearing and caring ageing parents. They frequently encounter rejection from recruiters who disapprove their gap years when they wish to return to work.” 

He added, “With corporate India now paying attention to diversity in the workplace, it has opened many opportunities for women employees through temporary roles. For employers, temporary staffing has created solid access to a talent pool, just waiting to be tapped”.

Author: Sudeshna Mitra for People Matters

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