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Flexible Work Arrangements: Pros & Cons

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) have taken the traditional organizational practices by storm and are being dubbed as a “Revolution for the New-age Workplace”. More and more job seekers are choosing employers that promote flexible work arrangements in their organizational setup. As per a survey by Zenefits, 67% of the small businesses in their survey offered […]

5 Ways to Engage Gen X & Y in your Workplace

Gen X and Y have become the most frequently used phrases in the corporate circle. Gen X is grouped together as people born between the 1960s to 1970s while Gen Y implies those born between the 1980s to 90s. Owing to their environment and upbringing, these demographic cohorts show greater love for independence and technology, […]

5 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

Business runs smoothly only when backed by a productive workforce, but unfortunately, employee efficiency often gets hindered by the stress and challenges of daily responsibilities. Over the years, productivity has become an important subject for corporate researchers, who have come up with simple to ingenious ways to help employees perform at their best.  From minor […]

HRMS – Injecting Automation

Connecting the Human Resource with a process-driven system either through an HR software tool or any systematic or well-defined methodology is today’s need of the industry. Various functions of an organization are getting optimized by utilizing software tools. HR professionals should also free up some of their time by automating some of their tasks and […]

5 ways Social Media can Amp your Chances of Getting Hired

In today’s world, the wonders which Social Media is creating needs no introduction. With the constantly evolving technology, new apps and sites are being created for communication.  Due to these changes, online media has transcended from merely being a platform for posting pictures and chatting with friends. Its horizons have advanced immensely in the past […]

Transparent Work Environment: The Need of the Hour

Over the past few years, the desires and demands of employees have evolved immensely. These changes, can at times turn out to be challenging for organizations. Employers are continuously bombarded with a huge range of suggestions to keep up with the changing generational trends. For attracting and retaining the best talent, employers must understand what […]

How are Virtual Workplaces Disrupting the Traditional Work Structure?

The last few years have brought a disruption in the traditional workplace structure and work culture. Humans have witnessed the emergence of a gig economy, the development of remote work, and increasing mobile technologies facilitating day-to-day tasks.  Closely integrated with digital solutions, companies are updating their traditional work practices, resulting in a remarkable enhancement in […]