Getting Hired

5 Ways Social Media Can Amp Your Chances Of Getting Hired

In today’s world, the wonders which Social Media is creating needs no introduction. With the constantly evolving technology, new apps and sites are being created for communication.

Due to these changes, online media has transcended from merely being a platform for posting pictures and chatting with friends. Its horizons have advanced immensely in the past few years. One such growth in the online space is Social Media Recruiting.

Social Media Recruiting involves the mechanism that businesses use to integrate social media into their hiring processes. Since companies capitalize on the various online mediums to boost their recruitment, you can also make the most of it to amp your chances of getting hired.

Among the many ways you can leverage social media, the following methods are the most critical to get seen by your desired company:

  1. Mark your presence: Keeping in view the vast talent market, you must have impressive and visible footprints on the internet. To make the most of social media recruiting, the first and foremost step is to make your social media presence.

To do this, start by making a strong profile on professional platforms such as LinkedIn. Such profiles work as an online CV and offer a global means to showcase your expertise and experience.

  1. Search for jobs on social media sites: Previously, social media sites were limited and used only for chatting purposes. But, with the emergence of job-related apps like LinkedIn, social media has achieved new dimensions.

For instance, LinkedIn features a specific section known as “LinkedIn jobs,” where candidates can search for their desired profile in their desired location. Similarly, some job seekers take advantage of Twitter hashtags to find companies that are recruiting.

  1. Build Networks: Having connections with people related to your job profile increases your chances of getting hired. So, you should build connections on different Social Media platforms.

Tools like Career groups and Job Seekers Group on Facebook and Linkedin can help to make professional connections and associate with like-minded people. Once you build healthy relationships, you can even ask for recommendations and provide the same.

  1. Do proper Research: Before applying for any job profile, it is imperative to research the company that you are interested in. You can do this by following the company’s Social Media channels.

This is a great way to know about the company culture and what it has to offer to you. It will also enable you to understand whether you are suitable for the company or not.

  1. Prepare an Impressive Bio: Posting positive details about yourself on Social Media can play a significant role in attracting interested recruiters. So, whenever you post your personal information on sites like LinkedIn, try to make it impressive.

Mention your achievements and accolades that help you stand out from others. Highlight your credentials and skills will throw light on the areas of your expertise.

Social Media can turn out to be a boon in job searching when used in the right way. Accentuating your impressive details to getting referrals from industry experts will go a long way to give you an edge over other candidates and boost your hiring chances.