Improve Employee Productivity

5 Science-Backed Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

Business runs smoothly only when backed by a productive workforce, but unfortunately, employee efficiency often gets hindered by the stress and challenges of daily responsibilities. Over the years, productivity has become an important subject for corporate researchers, who have come up with simple to ingenious ways to help employees perform at their best.

From minor details like interior design and color to workflow processes like when and how the employee takes breaks, organizing the workplace can influence the overall productivity of employees to a large extent. Even though the attitude and aptitude of employees are important, as per science, the workplace environment is an equally critical element determining employee efficiency.

Following are five simple, science-backed ways that can give a substantial boost to your employee productivity:

  1. Create the ideal office – Several studies have shown that positive changes incorporated in the interiors including windows, enhanced ventilation, and calming colors can enhance productivity. Working in closed spaces make people feel trapped and impedes their creativity, in turn, affecting their productivity. So, investing in an office space that evokes positive emotions will go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of your employees.
  2. Provide timely breaks – Breaks aren’t just important from a compliance viewpoint but are essential to enhance productivity as well. According to a study by Humanyze, when co-workers take their breaks together, it often reduces stress levels and leads to an increase in their individual productivity. The human brain works best when it gets optimum breaks, so regular intervals with engaging and inspiring conversations will act as a boon to your employees’ mental health.
  3. Experiment with seating arrangements – A simple change in a seating arrangement can act as a source of refreshment and boost creativity and collaboration. Research by an assistant professor at MIT named Christian Catalini demonstrated that the act of shuffling seating arrangement of the researchers led to marvellous breakthroughs. Therefore, just changing where your employees sit can have a considerable positive effect on their operations.

4Encourage Physical Activities – Office work demands hours of sitting and working in front of computers every day. This can lead to laziness and fatigue among the employees and lower their energy levels. So, companies should encourage regular physical activities to give their employees an opportunity to move their bodies and experience a change in routine. employee Activities like tournaments, yearly excursions, and team-building events will not only improve their physical health but also help employees perform well at work.

  1. Promote a culture of Fun and Leisure – Occasional fun and frolic in the workplace directly lead to a happy and healthy employee. Companies should indulge their employees in fun activities at regular intervals. Doing so will prevent boredom and exhaustion in employees and recharge their brand to resume work afresh.

The above factors have been tried and tested by researchers over the years and generated tangible positive effects. From enhanced productivity, self-motivation to improved teamwork, companies have enjoyed innumerable benefits by just experimenting with their workspace and encouraging engaging activities.